Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sermon Notes 8.1.10

Here are the notes from the sermon I preached on 8.1.10 on Mark 6.30-44.  As usual, our webmaster extraordinaire should have the audio up and running early in the week.  My thanks to him for that (I used to have to do that myself!  Now I can just blog about it.)  Find the sermon audio and these notes in PDF form at

Mark 6.30-44

3 Reflections

God cares about your life.
  • Some treat Him as a spiritual-only or physical-only God.
  • There are times when our inconvenience is His sanctification.
  • Nobody should have to leave God’s Presence for needs to be met.

God leads in perplexing paths.  
  • He commands what we cannot accomplish.
  • Our best response to confusion is curiosity. 
  • He participates with us when we bring what we have.
  • He reigns over everything and can accomplish whatever He deems best. 

God provides so we can perceive. 
  • He desires that we see Him as He is and enjoy Him for who He is.
  • He may not provide in ways we think best, but His provision is still for our perception.
  • He may not provide in ways we think best, but our needs are not the same as our wants.
  • Big Lesson for the Twelve:  only God provides bread in the desert.

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