Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Haiti...wanna go? Wanna help?

For those 4 of you who have been wondering, we're officially on for our trip to Haiti.  We're going in October with YWAM and will be building a duplex for two families.  There are scores of implications for families who live in solid, concrete, non-dirt floor homes.  The incidence of intestinal issues drop by 40% just by getting them off dirt.  Having a debt-free home also helps break generational cycles of poverty.  I could go on.

Instead, I'll issue an invitation.

Yes, that's right, an invitation.  You're invited to participate with me and the others who are going to bless these families, give a cup of cold water both literally and figuratively to them in Jesus' name, and hopefully get to tell them of His care for them (through a translator, unless one of you is fluent in Creole).  So here is the invitation...

First, please pray with us.  Pray for us.  Pray for the families whose house we're building.  Pray for our families we'll leave behind.  Pray for safety.  Pray for evangelistic opportunities.

Second, if you want to participate financially, you can send a check to Heritage Park with Haiti Missions in the subject line.  We have to raise $6000 to build the duplex.  Every dime of what you give will go toward the house.  Somewhere along the way, I used to be skittish about asking for money on stuff like this.  Obviously I'm not any more.  Pray about giving and then do what God tells you to do.  We're about 1/3 of the way as of today and any amount helps.

Third, there are still a few spots open.  Cost runs around $1100 plus incidentals (shots, etc.).  Should be a fun team, with people from 3 states participating.  If you want to go, just comment here and I'll touch base with you.

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