Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sermon Notes from Sunday 8.22.10

Here are the sermon notes from today's sermon from Mark 7.14-30.  We talked about how Christ aims for our hearts and not our actions and the demonstration of that with the Syrophonecian woman.  The sermon audio should be up on the web early in the week as well as the PDF version of these notes, findable at  May God grant us the grace to live out what we hear.

The Target of Jesus
Mark 7.14-30

What is Jesus saying?
  • It is not our external purity that is God’s priority but our internal purity.
  • External purity will flow from internal purity.
  • Even external commands or disciplines are designed to shape the heart.

What is this heart that Jesus targets?
  • The biblical heart is not emotion, compassion, or affection.
  • The biblical heart is the center of the self – what makes you who you are.

Why does he target the heart?
  • He knows that all impurity flows from the idols of the heart.
  • He knows that you can fix actions but leave the heart untouched.
  • He pursues His glory in your joy.
  • When our purpose and passion unite, God receives greatest glory.

What about this woman?
  • She’s the consummate outsider.
  • She is humble and bold. 

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