Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Midweek Memo Column

Here's the column from our Midweek Memo.  It introduces the challenge we're taking on as a church this fall:  the New Testament in 75 Days.  I'll have a lot more to say about it in the days to come.

Dear Purchased People of God,

One of the amazing gifts that God has left with us on the earth is His Word. We prize it highly here at Heritage Park. We teach it regularly and systematically. We offer counsel from it. It guides our prayers and songs. In it we find the great and magnificent promises of God, we see the surpassing worth of knowing Him, and we understand His best way for us to relate to Him and others. The Bible is a treasure.

And as I mentioned on Sunday, we’re going to read the NT together this fall. It’s a 75-day journey through the 27 books of the NT which I believe is going to deepen us and mature us as a church. We’ll start September 13th and be reading about 4 chapters per day. There are reading guides already out in the Welcome Center and we’ll be publishing them on the website too. For those with iPhones, we’ll have an app that will remind you and provide you the assigned reading for the day. We’ll also have time to discuss it in Sunday School and small groups and I’ll blog about things I’m seeing. I can’t wait to see how God shapes us.

Don’t worry about your ability to do this. You’re capable. And we’re not going to do guilt either. That’s the Enemy’s way of discouraging you if you happen to miss a day. Prepare yourself and let’s press on to know Him.


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