Monday, August 30, 2010

Haiti Update

Just a quick update on the Haiti Mission project.  We have achieved our first goal, raising $3000 for the house we're going to build.  We've committed to a duplex, which is $6000, and are believing God for the remainder.  If you'd like to participate financially, you can send a check to Heritage Park marked Haiti Missions.

Also, we met as a team for the first time yesterday (all those who could).  It's an exciting group of men who are full of questions and readiness.  Please pray for all of us and the families we'll leave behind during that week.

I read this thought in Leslie Newbiggin's book, The Gospel in a Pluralist Society.  Some people focus on the evangelistic mission of the church and making sure people understand the message that God has sent to us in His Son.  Some people focus on the liberation mission of the church, making sure that societies, structures, powers and authorities do not win the day and people are set free in Jesus' name.  He made a good point:  words without deeds ring hollow, deeds without words are purposeless.  The words explain the deeds and the deeds authenticate the words.

You want to know why we're going to Haiti and dropping some serious coin on that effort?  That's why.

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