Friday, February 10, 2012

Tree of Life Day 5: Genesis 11

Two things struck me in the reading this morning.

The first, regarding Babel, was just how incredible it is that the death and resurrection of Jesus reversed and redeemed sin.  What I mean by that is this:  Babel happened because of sin; Pentecost happened because of Jesus.  Whereas Babel separated people and confused language, Pentecost (in Acts 2 which we'll get to in a few weeks) brought people together and helped all the languages hear the Good News of Jesus in a way they would understand.  Bottom line:  Jesus reverses and redeems the effects of sin.

The second, regarding all those names that no one uses, is how God can (and does!) use people that don't even know that they're a part of God's plan.  All of those listed were bringing about God's appointed end: to save and bless Abram and bring a blessing to the whole world through him.  But they didn't know.  And sometimes we don't know how God is using us to accomplish His plans.  But bet on this - He wants to use us.  Availability seems to be the #1 character trait God is looking for.

Happy Friday everyone!

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