Thursday, February 2, 2012

For all praying types: a family update

So many of you have asked for a family update regarding the Bear, so let me offer one.  For those who haven't asked, you can read along or click away to something else.  No offense intended or taken if you do.

Bear had an MRI last week to make sure his spinal cord had not re-tethered.  Good news:  it, by all accounts of the neurosurgeon, has not.  Less than good news:  they found a couple of things that look sketchy and want to do another MRI with contrast so they can get a really clear look at what's going on.  The radiologist identified two somethings:  one he thought might be some scar tissue, one he thought might be a cyst on one of the nerves.  Thus, we need a better picture.  I do not know what the treatment options are for either of those are.  Any time you're dealing with the spine, it cannot be good.

We meet with the orthopedic surgeon on Tuesday to discuss the hip and foot surgery.  Originally, that was the go / no-go appointment but in light of these other potentially complicating factors, it doesn't appear that's quite what this meeting will be.  However, we do anticipate getting results from the gait study and some more information about what's ahead on the orthopedic side.

In the midst of all this, my 3rd grader is grieving the differences between he and "normal" kids and the inability to do things that other kids do.  Recess.  Recreation at AWANA at church.  And so on.  He's also getting flak from other kids during those times, not necessarily because they're mean but because they want to win in the games, etc.  So, grieving has ensued.

So for all who pray, these are the ways to pray...

The Bear would know that God is very near to him and is for him in the midst of these hard times.  I've seen 29-year olds struggle with this question.  I've never seen a 9-year old.  And I'm not a smart enough pastor or parent to help him with it all.  But I believe that God wants Bear to know He is near and so can communicate that in a way that my 9-year old understands.

We would be able to get in soon to the second MRI, with the neurosurgeon and neurologist, and that good, clear information would come from it.  Preferably, we'd want the MRI to come back clear and this just be a anomalous bump in the road.

We, as a family, would draw closer to Jesus and one another.  One of my great fears is that the Ninja will get lost in all the medical stuff the others are going through and end up isolated because of the needed attention given to the others.

If surgery is on the horizon, that it would be a case study for success.  Ultimately, we want God to bring healing for the Bear (in whatever form He chooses).

2012 is the 10th year we've had kids.  8 of the 10, we've had surgeries in.  Is there a frequent flyer card available for this?

Thanks for praying and reading.


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  1. As I read this I remember when my sweet six year old said to me, Mom if Jesus loves the little children then why did He let this happen to me?. Wow, what do you say? Over the next year my prayers , my life, my every word stressed how much God loved her! It was not easy, God showed himself in so many little ways and many big ones too! Casey had so many nightmares, we would stand over her praying until she fell asleep,when a good night came we would remind her God is alive and working! When we would sit and hear horrible things that happened to her and there in court We saw God move many times in mighty ways! Many I still can not comprehend, but know it was God! We have taught her this does not define her and she can't let it control her, that in all things give God the glory! It was important for her to remember she was made by God, therefore she is special and has a job to do! Someone somewhere will hear her story who needs to hear how she made it through the tough times. I know it is so hard when you can't help your child, keep living your Godly example to him and he will know God is near!