Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tree of Life Day 18: Numbers 11-14

When you named something in the Bible, it meant something.  So when it comes to this strange food that the Lord provided for the Hebrew people in the wilderness, the name is appropriate:  manna.

What exactly does manna mean?  Yep.  That's exactly right.

No, seriously:  manna means, "What is that stuff?" (a rough translation)

I can tell you that in our family we have seen miraculous provision before.  We knew what was provided, but how exactly it came to us was miraculous.  Manna.  I'll give you one simple example.  The Ninja was a sick little kid.  We found out he had pyloric stenosis, where the valve between stomach and small intestine closes.  Projectile vomit.  Failure to thrive.  Terrible stuff for a little one (and his parents) to endure.  On a Saturday morning, we figured this out at the doctor.  Less than four hours later, he was already out of surgery to repair it.  One of our dear friends (who is a surgeon) "just so happened" to be at the hospital.  The blood tests and so forth were already in the books.  From diagnosis to surgical recovery in less than four hours.  Manna.

I say that just to point out that God is an incredible provider for His people.  Trust Him.

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