Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sermon Notes from Sunday, 2.5.12

Here are the sermon notes from Sunday's sermon kicking off the series Tree of Life.  To get these notes in PDF and the sermon audio, visit  You can also get the sermon audio on our podcast via iTunes.

Tree of Life
Part 1 – In the Beginning…
Isaiah 43.1-7

Purpose of the Series – get a sense of what God is doing in every part of the Scripture.

What’s Happening?

In the beginning, God makes everything out of nothing.

Mankind is the crown of His creation.

Satan comes against mankind because he’s a glory robber.

Cain murders Abel out of jealousy.

Noah is saved from great wickedness on earth.

Babel shows people don’t change by themselves.

What does it mean?  Isaiah 43.1-7

We were made for a purpose:  for the glory of God. (v.5-7)

How do we glorify God? 
  • Most of that depends on who we understand God to be.
  • Drill Sergeant – do your duty to follow His every command.
  • Cosmic Homeboy – hang with Him when you can, help Him when He needs it. 
  • Secret Ingredient – sprinkle Him in to whatever your life already is to get its best.

Mountain Spring (Jeremiah 2.11-13)
  • Bring your thirst and drink deeply.
  • Go out in its refreshing strength.
  • Invite others to its satisfaction.

But we still sin.
  • We turn away from God
  • We turn to our broken wells

There’s great news!
  • God has a heart to redeem us (v.1).
  • God holds onto us in trial (v.2).
  • God provides a ransom for our redemption (v.3-4).

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