Thursday, February 16, 2012

Tree of Life Day 11: Genesis 28-33

The story of Jacob is full of intrigue and suspense and big questions about just why God would choose to use the people that He does.  Or at least that's the story for me and how I interact with it.

And this one vision of Jacob's ladder...

It really sticks with me.  Wrestling with God I get.  We're doing some of that around our house right now too.  But this ladder...

I think part of the reason it sticks with me is because, at the very least, it represents a prayer for my life and for the church I get to pastor:  Father, please let me [us] see where You're at work around me [us].

If we had eyes to see where all God was at work, what all He was doing, how He was moving, who He was readying for a specific purpose, if I could see all those things I'm confident I wouldn't look at delays, red lights, traffic jams, "interruptive" phone calls, stops in the hallways, or the surly guy in front of me at the post office quite the same.

It's not really a question of if God is working.

The question is if I see it.

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