Monday, February 6, 2012

Tree of Life Day 1: Genesis 1-2

Let me introduce very briefly what we're doing in the next several weeks at Heritage Park and what will occupy the blog for the same time period.  I've just started a series called Tree of Life that will hopefully help people understand the storyline of the Bible.  We're intentionally taking it in very large chunks and hope it provides a sense of how God has worked and revealed Himself.

To that end, we have provided a reading guide and challenged our people to read along with us.  That guide is downloadable here and we will also have an awesome iDevice app in a week or so (it's currently pending Apple's approval).

So without further ado, I'll take just a moment to reflect on the passage on the first day:  Genesis 1-2.

The thing that struck me, in a word, is rhythm.

God creates and then an evening and day.

God creates and then an evening and day.

And so forth.

And then God rests.

Rhythm.  It's so often foreign to our lives - to MY life.  Phone calls come and doctors appointments get moved and everything's up and down and here and there.  None of it's bad.  Some (most?) of it is necessary.  But I wouldn't call it rhythmic.

So here's to slowing down as much as possible for a few minutes a day and then a few hours a week to take a breath and hear God speak again, creating a new life in us.

Join us in reading.  I think it's going to be a life-changing experience for all of us.

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