Sunday, January 15, 2012

Sermon Notes from 1.15.12

Here are the sermon notes from Sunday, January 15th.  You can find these notes in PDF and the sermon audio at  The sermon audio is also available on our podcast via iTunes.

Three Pair of Old Shoes 
A Series on Spiritual Growth 
Part 2 -­ Disciplines
1 Timothy 4.7-­8

Pictures of Spiritual Disciplines

  • Weeding and Fertilizing a Garden -­‐ Health
  • Seeing a Doctor and Getting Some Exercise -­‐ Activity
  • Shooting Free Throws to Perform under Pressure -­‐ Freedom 
  • Hoisting a Sail on a Sailboat -­‐ Grace

The Goal of Disciplines is Godliness

  • There are terrible substitutes for the only proper motivation: godliness.
  • Disciplines are not in themselves spiritual maturity, but stones on the path to it.
  • We fully expect one another to change and should settle for nothing less.

Disciplines are Training, not Trying

  • Spiritual disciplines are both commanded and assumed.
  • Spiritual disciplines are continual in nature.
  • Spiritual Disciplines involve bodily activities.

Disciplines Contain Abstinence and Activity

  • When you struggle with doing something, you train yourself to abstain.
  • When you struggle with abstaining, you train yourself to do something.
  • Abstinence-­‐related
    • Fasting -­‐ desires out of control
    • Disconnecting -­‐ life at too hectic a pace
  • Activity-­‐related
    • Giving -­‐ breaking greed and materialism
    • Serving -­‐ warring with entitlement 

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