Wednesday, January 4, 2012

I'm wondering...

Well, we've had our fair share of doctors and hospitals over the course of our child-rearing.  I counted the other day and of the 9 years we've had kids, surgery has been a part of 7 of those 9.  And there's good potential that 2012 will hold another to make it 8 for 10.

I know how useless and helpless I feel when I see my kids hurting or dysfunctional (in the technical sense).  I know how angry I feel when my kid is wailing because the phlebotomist can't find the vein and on the third stick looks at me with the please-don't-throw-me-through-the-window look.

And so, this morning, after yet another doctor's visit, I wondered how God feels.  How does God feel when He sees the pain and hurt and dysfunction?  How does God feel when the world He created doesn't work like He designed it?  How does God feel when the brokenness and ugliness seems to be winning the day?

He brought to mind a time, at a funeral, when Jesus wept.

Seems about right.

But that's just me thinking thoughts...

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