Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Super-Christians: thoughts of my 6-year old

We were driving to Easter brunch after worship on Sunday when from the back seat comes this little gem...
"Daddy, the people who go to that church must be super-christians.  I bet they love Jesus a lot."
"Why is that, son?"
"Look at all those crosses on their church building.  And look at that big one!"
It was funny.  And it was telling.  We adorn t-shirts with pithy sayings, backs of cars with fish, wrists with black-red-white-green-yellow bracelets, Bibles with hi-liters, and churches with crosses.  But they're all superfluous.  None of them measure our walk with Christ.  Absurdity reigns and confusion (with a healthy dose of superficiality) makes it all look better.

Consider instead Jesus' method of measuring His disciples:
Self-denial for Jesus' Sake (Luke 9.23-25 and parallels)
Priority of Relationship with Him (Luke 14.25-35 and parallel in Matthew 10)
Commitment to His Word (John 8.31-32)
Love of Others (John 13.34-35)
Bearing Spiritual Fruit (John 15.8)
That's a list worth reviewing on a daily basis.

But that's just me thinking thoughts...

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