Sunday, April 10, 2011

Sermon Notes from Sunday 4.10.11

Here are the notes from today's sermon.  It concluded our series on service and I'm looking forward to the cross and atonement next week followed by the resurrection and Easter the following Sunday.  To hear the sermon audio, you can visit or our podcast on iTunes.  You can also find these notes in PDF on the same website.

Serve Like Jesus
Part 3 – Serve Freely
Galatians 5.13-15

Freedom from…

  • Works of Religion – doing our best to earn God’s respect.  
  • Rituals of Religion – doing what we’re told by someone with expertise.
  • Curse of the Law – obtaining to a standard we can never reach.
  • Guilt – standing on the wrong side of judgment.
Freedom to…

  • Christ didn’t purchase our freedom so we can live like slaves to sin.
  • Christ purchased our freedom so we can fulfill His law of love.
Common Biting and Devouring

  • Creating problems where there are none.
  • Fighting with people instead of focusing on issues.
  • Envying another’s success.
  • Doing something to draw a reaction.
  • Refusing to fight the feeling of entitlement.
  • Identifying a problem without suggesting how to solve it.
  • Talk about people before talking to them.
  • Dismissing those we consider less mature.

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