Sunday, April 24, 2011

Sermon Notes from Easter Sunday, 4.24.11

Here are the notes from this Easter's sermon.  As is normally the case, about midweek you can find the audio and these notes in PDF at or on iTunes.

Easter 2011
Luke 24.1-12

Remember (v.5-8)
  • The events of Easter were no surprise to God.
  • They had to happen because we are separated from God.
  • They had to happen because someone had to pay for sin.
  • They had to happen because He loves us and wants life for us.

Body (v.3)
  • Objection:  He didn’t die.
  • Objection:  His disciples stole the body.
  • Objection:  The authorities hid the body.
  • Objection:  The women went to wrong tomb.
  • Objection:  The Bible isn’t trustworthy.

Stone (v.2)
  • It lets us in on His getting out.
  • It keeps us from confusion on Jesus’ identity and message.
  • It helps us determine whether we’re fans or followers.

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