Sunday, April 3, 2011

Sermon Notes from Sunday 4.3.11 and Post #350

Well, congratulations to you, dear reader, for making it to 350 posts.  Appropriately enough, in light of my calling and current occupation, it's a post about sermon notes.

Here are the notes from this Sunday on the Good Samaritan story.  You can find audio and these notes in PDF at sometime midweek.  You can also find the audio on iTunes via our podcast in the same timeframe.  It was a great morning with the people of God in the presence of Jesus.

Season of Service
Part 2 – Serve a Stranger
Luke 10.25-37

Key from Last Week:  service is what we do because of who we are.
  • We serve because He served us.

Awareness (v.33)
  • Seeing a situation and having an awareness of it are not the same.
  • Awareness begins with a pace of life that allows both seeing and sensing.

Engagement (v.34)
  • Religious rules that keep me from loving neighbor are not Jesus’ kind of rules.
  • Engagement will be messy because it’s ministry.
  • Engagement gives what’s needed to the situation. 

Offering (v.34-35)
  • He gave up prestige to care for this stranger.
  • He purchased what was needed at a cost to himself.

Jesus’ bottom line:  your neighbor is the person you choose to love.

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