Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Provision, Faith, and Means

I just got back from my 3-times-a-week-at-5:00-am adventure at our local YMCA with my friend.  We work out, enjoy some conversation, and commiserate about how old our bodies feel compared to our minds.

There's the potential of job transition in my friend's life.  That's the nature of the industry he's in right now.  He's not the first that I know.  He certainly won't be the last in light of some the decisions being made and not being made around here.

But I was inspired by his faith.

He is solid and steady in his belief that God's going to take care of his family.  And it's not without the appropriate steps of cleaning up the resume, making contacts, uploading to Monster and Career Builder, etc.  He even said this morning, "I'll do anything to make sure there's food on the table.  I'll work anywhere."

His confidence in God's willingness and ability to provide and his efforts at due diligence are both expressions of his faith.  The former reflects His relationship with God.  The latter reflects his understanding that God normally works through normal means.  Those means are no less God-oriented since He's the one who created the environment that make those means actual paths to employment.  I guess I point that out because I know others who sit around waiting for God to drop a job in their laps.

My friend inspired me with his steadiness.  Working hard (or pursuing work) with confidence in God isn't faithless but faith-filled.

But that's just me thinking thoughts.

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