Tuesday, May 15, 2012

So I'm in a meeting...

And I asked the same question three times.  Three times.  Three times.

I finally got a direct response to this question:  "How does your organization's training help our people share their faith in the workplace in a better and/or different way than how we're encouraging, training, and modeling for them to do right now?"

For those of you who are wondering (especially those new to Heritage Park), here is the way it seems to work best these days and in our context...
  • Be transformed by Jesus and live a life that reflects that
  • Be the kind of winsome and wise person people want to be around
  • Look for opportunities to tell your story of transformation
  • Open your mouth and tell how Jesus has worked in your life
  • Ask the Holy Spirit to speak through you
  • Remember that people aren't targets but people
  • Remember that you're inviting them to follow a person, not finish a prayer
I'm pleading with God that our church would be that kind of church where individuals are so deeply satisfied in Him and submitted to Him that our obedience leads to opportunities and that He'd give us the grace in those moments to open our mouths.  Through those kind of people, God changes families and neighborhoods and office buildings and cities and cultures.

But that's just me thinking thoughts... (and praying prayers)

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