Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sermon Notes from 5.27.12

Here are the sermon notes from the concluding sermon in the Follow series.  You can find the audio and these notes in PDF at our website,  You can also get the audio via iTunes on our podcast.

Part 4 – Commit to what Jesus Demands
John 21.15-23

  •  For every time he denied Jesus, Peter was reconciled to Him.
  • Jesus’ goal was returning Peter to a passionate relationship.
  • God’s faithfulness in forgiveness is never in question. (1 John 1.9)

But His questions about love weren’t only about reconciliation. They were also about obedience.

  • Built into Jesus’ question about love is His question of allegiance.
  • He is not asking to be a priority in your life; He’s demanding to be the priority of your life.
  • Areas to examine:  unconquered relationships, ambition, and possessions. 
  • Two tests of priority:

o   If you knew it wouldn’t end well for you, would you still go?
o   If you were all alone, would you still obey?

His call never changes:  follow Me.

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