Sunday, May 13, 2012

Sermon Notes from Sunday 5.13.12

Here are the sermon notes from Sunday, 5.13.12.  We continued the Follow series and spoke about how we love as Jesus loves us.  You can find these notes in PDF at  Unfortunately, this is the second week in a row where our recording malfunctioned.  There is no sermon audio.

Part 2 – Love as Jesus does
John 13.34-35

  •  Loving proves we are disciples but does not make us disciples.
  • We will find ourselves redefining love or refusing to love those He loved.
  • The love we give one another has its source in Jesus’ love for us.

  • Jesus didn’t lay aside His identity to serve but expressed it.
  • The loving service He gave was not clean, comfortable, or convenient. 
  • He served the unfaithful (v.2). 
  • He served the undeserving (v.5). 
  • He served the unwilling (v.6-9).
  • We are to do exactly the same (v.15).
  • Our service can be a bridge to belief (v.20).

  • We cannot substitute, but we can sacrifice our lives for the good of others.
  • This kind of sacrifice is about God’s glory, not desired outcomes.

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