Wednesday, May 30, 2012

A can of what?

There's no loss of talent here at the Henderson household.  The Queen called with orders to bring home a can of Cream of Chicken soup because we had three cans of Cream of Mushroom but no Cream of Chicken.  Cream of Chicken is important when you're making the ooey-gooey goodness called Glorified Chicken, so I was glad to comply.

I rolled into Kroger, saw the 25% less sodium and figured that would allow me to eat more chips and salsa next time I was at a Mexican restaurant.  I double-checked the sign and off I go.  7 minutes later I'm the hero and we're a few mere minutes away from dinner.

"Honey."  It was the Queen.


"You got three more cans of Cream of Mushroom.  All I wanted was Cream of Chicken and now I have six - count them, SIX - cans of Cream of Mushroom."

In my defense, I did look at the sign at Kroger.  But the cans and the sign didn't match.  It was a quick and easy remedy, but there's a good lesson for me there.

Sometimes the signs I'm reading and what I'm holding in my hand don't match, no matter what the sign is saying.  Attendance may be up but we may be struggling.  That guy may be all smiles but is rotting on the inside.  She may be bravely facing the world but remain a scared little girl in a middle-aged body.  I could go on and on.

Heck, in my own heart, I could have all the machinations of devotion and love but zero true substance.

You determine the health of the tree by the fruit of the tree, not the bark.  It's a lot better to look at what's in your hand than what's on the sign.  In Kroger and life, you'll get a better read on things.

But that's just me thinking thoughts...

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