Monday, May 28, 2012

A Big Fat Memorial Day Thank You

Thanks to both my grandfathers, one a SeaBee on Guadalcanal and the other a mechanic on B-17's stateside.  Thanks to my father-in-law who served so long and so well he retired with a bird on his epaulette from the JAG corps.  Thanks to my boy Scotti at church who served in Desert Storm and bears the weight of that.  Thanks to Brandon from church who is currently finishing up his schooling in the USAF and will be reunited with his family soon.  Thanks to my friend David who was a Marine in VietNam.  Thanks to Eric my neighbor and Gary, who's with Jesus now, for defending the borders through the USCG.  Thanks to both my neighbors named Bryan.  Thanks to my friend Terry who flew fighters before the Space Shuttle.  And to those I have forgotten, thanks to you too.  Your name may not be here, but you absolutely have my gratitude.

You have made our world a safer place and America a better place by your service.

May God bless America.  Please.

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