Thursday, May 10, 2012

Quick Family Update

Big day for us as a family.

The Bear gets his casts off today, seeing how well the Botox injections have worked on his legs.  Then some work to be done with his new braces and go from there.  He's done so well in how he's managed to start getting around that I have a lot of hope that it will all be up and to the right from here.

Peanut is doing great with the use of her arm.  If only her stubbornness would come around too.  She surely gets that from her mom.

Ninja is also doing great.  We wrap up soccer soon and have scheduled him to play coach-pitch baseball this summer, at his request.  Should be fun!

Thanks for all those who have prayed and supported us along the way.  We are a grateful people (HT: FA).

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