Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May it not be said of us today

I run across things sometimes when I'm reading and I think to myself, "I hope this is [or is not] said of me [or us] today."  Case in point:
The Jews were much better off when Christ came than in the ages before.  It was the golden age of their Pharisaic religion.  Their golden, religious age crucified Christ.  During the time before Christ, there was:  never more piety, never less praying; never more indulgence, never less sacrifice; never more idolatry, never less devotion to God; never more temple worship, never less God worship; never more lip service, never less heart service; never more church-goers, never less saints.  (E.M. Bounds, Power through Prayer, ch. 8)
May it not be said of you and me today.

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