Thursday, January 20, 2011

Update on Fountain Lady Fall

So apparently Cathy Cruz Marrero is the lady who fell into the fountain.  She told George Stephanopolous that she "didn't want to sue the store or the mall."  She didn't want to sue the store?  She was texting and fell into a fountain.  She even admits "it was funny, but nobody took my feelings into consideration."

And now she's lawyered up and is ready to sue, holding "all responsible parties accountable."  The lawyer said he wants to make sure they get an explanation as to "why this happened."

That one I can answer:  the lady was texting and not watching where she was going.  Then she fell into the mall fountain.  That's how it happened.

And if she's concerned about keeping quiet, why is she on national television?

But that's just me thinking thoughts...


  1. But Trent, there were no signs posted warning of the fountain, there were no speed bumps or rumble strips to warn the approaching pedestrian that a fountain lay directly ahead. How about some flashing lights to warn the oncoming. And while it would only seem reasonable to most, the VERY IDEA of a fountain containing water of a sufficient depth to allow someone to get wet if they fell in, is in itself negligent. If the mall were really being conscientious about its property it would have placed some sort of barrier, or better yet a guard rail around said fountain to protect people from "injury". Forget the fact that Ms Marrero was texting, even if she had not been, the stores in and around the mall presented all manner of distraction with signage, merchadise in store windows, perhaps even music, or fragrances that oozed out of their stores into the common areas of the mall posing serious hazards. This was an accident just waiting to happen.

    If Ms Marrero finds her current representation is inadequate, I could help her out. I mean after all, I used to study as an undergraduate in the SMU Law School library, because it was really quiet. AND, I recently spent the night in a Holiday Inn Express.

  2. Based on the interviews I've seen, Chuck, you're just as, if not more, qualified than she and the lawyer she has now in stating her case.

    Nut job.