Friday, January 21, 2011

The lost virtue of personal responsibility

Last post on this fountain lady, I promise.  But it's been eating at me because I see it in me, in my kids, and in the culture.

It's not my fault.  Ever.  It's always someone else's.  I can be texting and walking and fall into a fountain and it's the mall's fault.  It can get caught on camera and it's the mall's fault.  People can see and laugh and it's their fault.  Blame everyone but me for my embarrassment, but it's not my fault.

Side note:  it probably never should have hit YouTube, not because it wasn't funny but because the security guards shouldn't release mall footage (even taped on their phone cameras).  Had a random person just caught it on their phone, I think that's fair game.

I just think if I'm walking and texting and trip, it's on me.  And if I mistreat a friend, it's on me - they didn't make me do it no matter how I try to blame them.  If I don't pursue my wife, it's not her fault.  And if I don't promote security in my kids through time with them, it's not on them to "just get over it."  I can't just lawyer up and then think I'll get something out of the deal.

Personal responsibility has to make a comeback.  We need it badly.

But that's just me thinking thoughts...

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