Thursday, January 6, 2011

Quotable on Thursday

Someone passed along this little gem yesterday from the land of Twitter:

"Act. It's of God. Phi 2:13. If you do rather than lamenting what you can't do, you will do more than you thought you could." ~ John Piper

In case you don't know, the passage referenced (Philippians 2.12-13) talks about how we have a consistent responsibility to work out our own salvation with fear and trembling because it's God who works within us to desire and then to do His will.  

The quote, as you can read, points us to action.  Yes, it assumes that the action is at least in line with biblical boundaries.  But so many Christians are paralyzed by their sense of lack of direction or lack of desire.

Dallas Willard speaks to this multiple times too.  One of my favorite Willard lines regarding this topic goes something like this:  sometimes the best way to like doing something is by doing until you like it.  That's one of the lessons of the spiritual disciplines - you do the discipline to create the desire.

Paralysis isn't from God.  Act!

But that's just me (and a couple of others who are smarter than me) thinking thoughts...

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