Sunday, January 30, 2011

Sermon Notes from 1.30.11

Here are the sermon notes from Sunday, January 30th.  I covered the two disputes in Mark 12, one about giving to Caesar what is Caesar's and the other about marriage and the resurrection.  As always, you can find these notes in PDF and sermon audio at

Still Questioning Jesus
Mark 12.13-27

The two different controversies have at their heart the same issue:  authority.

Issue 1:  Government
  • The question challenged Jesus to deny the legitimacy of the government or declare its supremacy.
  • Jesus’ answer:  its claims are legitimate without being supreme.
  • Mistake:  good government extends the Kingdom.
  • Mistake:  becoming picky prophets.
  • Mistake:  gripe too much and pray too little.
  • God’s call is for submission to godly leadership and prayer for leaders.

Issue 2:  Marriage
  • Their question to Jesus revealed their ignorance and hypocrisy.
  • Our issue is we don’t take the Scriptures and power of God seriously.
  • The Scriptures teach that marriage’s primary purpose is to reflect Christ’s relationship with His people.
  • Through marriage, the power of God sanctifies us, readying us for eternity.
  • Removing this purpose from marriage destroys its uniqueness and revelation.

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