Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Midweek Memo 1.4.11

I've been slacking in posting these columns from our church's Midweek Memo.  I promise to do better.  Here is my column from 1.4.11.

Dear Church Family,

Here we are at the start of the New Year. Resolutions have been made (see attendance at your local YMCA for a sign of that). Plans have been laid. Christmas bills need to be paid. All signs that the season of celebration (and vacation) is over. Back to work and back to what we call normal.

Remember before Thanksgiving, I laid out three challenges God is putting before us. Here’s a reminder of what those are and a call to action on your part.

First, that you be a part of this family and play a part in it. Let me urge you to jump into a Sunday School class or small group Bible study. We also need you to play a part by picking up something to do: love on kids, hang out with teens, and serve alongside adults to name just a few opportunities. Whether behind the scenes or up-front, we need you involved to become the church that God desires.

Second, that you be obedient in the area of finances. The great news is our giving was up in 2010. The tough news is it wasn’t enough to cover all our expenses (including $25k in air conditioners). The only way the church gets money to operate is when you are faithful in your obedience to give. I urge you to continue to obey God, give generously and joyfully, and watch God do more than we can ever imagine.

Third, that we all turn our eyes outward to those around us, showing them and sharing with them the Good News that Jesus reigns over everything. There is a lost and hurting world out there. They need to know Christ. Our intentionality in prayer and ministry will make a difference this year.

I can’t wait to see what God does.


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