Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Taylor Swift is a Hypocrite

Provocative enough title for you?

Confession:  I actually like Taylor Swift.  I think her music is funny and, at times, endearing.  She's a musician and a songwriter, which is a unique combination in today's turn-it-out music industry.  And her performance skills are getting stronger along with her voice.  And no, I will not turn in my man card just because I know most of the words to Love Story.

But she's a hypocrite.  Her latest album has a song called Mean, a little junket about a person who's just mean to her and how she's over that person, all in a bluegrass-ish feel.  Cute and clever.  Catchy too.

But there are more songs on the album.  One is about how the new girlfriend of her ex is "better known for things she does on the mattress."  Another is about breaking up a wedding to run off with the groom.  Both of those seem, well, mean.  She writes about someone being mean, small and pathetic to her and then turns around and writes mean things about others.  It's all catchy and selling like wildfire.  So I guess it's okay, right?

My point is not Taylor Swift.  My point is my heart and yours, dear reader.  There are times when my hypocrisy gets hidden underneath catchy arguments or sing-song rationales or it's-all-just-in-fun emotions.  Somehow, all of that makes my hypocrisy and yours more palatable to me and to you.  It's the perfume on the pig that surely will make it all okay.

But it doesn't.

A lie is a lie.  Laziness is laziness.  Greed is greed.  Status-seeking is idolatry.  Lust is lust.  Unforgiveness is wrong.  Words hurt.  Evil is evil.

And we can't set those to music and make them okay.

But that's just me thinking thoughts...

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  1. Why do I find this post (and the words used) golden?

    I also remember seeing a picture of a magazine article with Taylor Swift's quote "I'm not the girl who always has a boyfriend, I'm the girl who rarely has a boyfriend" juxtaposed next to a picture of a Google search of Taylor Swift with different celeb guys.