Sunday, January 23, 2011

Sermon Notes from 1.23.11

Here are the sermon notes from today's sermon.  You can find them in PDF and the sermon audio at  I ended up doing something I don't normally do by making some specific applications that weren't inherently in the text.  I sensed God's prompting to do that so I went with it.  I trust He was honored by it.

Questioning Jesus
Mark 11.27-12.12

Assumption about Authority
  • Like the leaders, we assume we are the ones in authority (v.27-28).
  • Like the leaders, this assumption shows up in our questions to God.
  • Questions delight God when they come from humble hearts.  
  • It wasn’t their ignorance, but their arrogance that Jesus rejects.  

Assumption about Accountability
  • Though the landowner had all the rights, the tenants felt entitled.
  • Their acts of treachery escalated with each messenger (12.2-5).
  • Assuming the owner was dead, they killed the son and expected it to be over (12.6-8).
  • Both physically and spiritually, the leaders of the day were rejected (v.9)
  • Two objections:  God’s not a poor steward and He’s not guessing on the outcome with His Son.  (12.10-11).

Areas of Accountability  
  • Morality – He sets boundaries 
  • Marriage – He sets roles
  • Parenting – He sets goal
  • Finances – He sets priorities
  • Evangelism – He sets objective
  • Work – He sets patterns

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