Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sermon Notes from 1.16.11

Here are sermon notes from this past Sunday, 1.16.11.  I preached the text where the fig tree withers and Jesus cleanses the temple.  Honestly, this was a much better sermon on paper than presentation.  Sometimes it just doesn't come out like you want it to.  To get the audio and these notes in PDF, visit

Withered Religion
Mark 11.12-25

  • The beauty of the fig tree and the Temple hid their fruitlessness.
  • This sin promotes dishonesty.
  • This sin promotes spiritual distance.
  • My trust is misplaced because appearances are kept up.

  • Jesus responded to the individual oppression and theft.
  • Jesus also responded to the systemic oppression. 
  • My trust is misplaced because prosperity breeds a sense of security. 

God hated this and still does (Jeremiah 7.1-15).

  • This authority comes from God through our confidence in Him.
  • His authority allows us to participate in setting things right in this world.
  • Our primary means of exercising His authority is prayer.

  • Righteousness always works its way out in our relationships with others.
  • By it we practice true religion before God (James 1.27).

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