Sunday, January 2, 2011

Sermon Notes from 1.2.11

It's hard to even type 2011, but here we are!  And here are the notes from today's sermon from Mark 10.32-45.  We had an incredible ministry moment beforehand, so I left quite a bit on the paper and the audio might feel a little rushed.  I try to keep in mind that there are folks down the hall volunteering watching our kids.  To get the audio and these notes in PDF, visit  And a big Happy 4th Birthday to my little girl.

Leadership by Example
Mark 10.32-45

What do you want from Christ?
  • It’s a dangerous question because of who God is and who we are.
  • Jesus doesn’t knock their ambition but the source of it. 
  • Requests need to be shaped by what God desires.

What do you expect from Christ?

Expect to Submit
  • Our value of autonomy is offended.
  • Being ransomed means we belong to the One who bought us. 

Expect to Suffer
  • Our value of security is offended.
  • Suffering comes from the broken world, sinful tendencies, and satanic opposition.

Expect to Serve
  • Our value of authority is offended.
  • Authority from my identity is exercised in service to others, not service to myself.
  • Kingdom ambition leads us downward.
  • Jesus set out a different path – greatness through servanthood.

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