Sunday, November 3, 2013

Sermon Notes from Sunday, 11.3.13

Here are the sermon notes from today's sermon advocating for orphans and orphan care.  You can get these notes in PDF and the sermon audio at  You can also get the audio via our podcast on iTunes.

Let’s Talk about Orphans 
Psalm 68.4-6

Main Thrust: God is worthy of praise because He defends the defenseless

Why is this praiseworthy?
  • When the mighty use their power for the more vulnerable, it’s good.
  • When the Almighty uses His power for the most vulnerable, it’s Great.

    Who are the defenseless?
Those who have no socioeconomic resources to change their situation

How does He defend them?
  • He allies Himself with them
  • He advocates for them
    o The voice of the Law – Exodus 22.22-24
    o The voice of the Prophets – Isaiah 1.17
    o The voice of the Wisdom literature – Prov 31.8-9
    o The voice of the NT – God revealed as Father, James 1.27 o The voice of the Spirit in believers
    § Polycarp to Philippians - “The presbyters, for their part, must be compassionate, merciful to all, turning back those who have gone astray, visiting all the sick, not neglecting a widow, orphan, or poor person, but always aiming at what in honorable in the sight of God and of people”
    § When we first meet the mention of the adoption and bringing up of foundlings, this work appears not as a novelty, but as one long practiced. It is true that the heathen also used to take care of exposed children, but for the purposes of bringing them up as gladiators or prostitutes, or to use them in their own service.... Christians brought up the children whom they took charge of for the Lord, and for a respectable and industrious life (G. Uhlhorn, Christian Charity in the Ancient Church, p. 186).
    He acts in support of them

So to be a biblical Christian and a biblical church, we must ally with them, advocate for them, act in support of them
  • Ally – let your heart turn and let go of your ease
  • Advocate – let your presence be felt
  • Act – let your life touch theirs

Application / Q & A
Is this Second Best? (like for those who experience infertility?) 
Can I afford to adopt?
Is it too hard?
Is it
that big a deal?
Could I ever love them like “my” kid? 

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