Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Thoughts from an Adoptive Dad who's doing it again (Part 3)

Don't lose your kids.

I'm not talking about accidentally trading them in for a 94" LCD LED flat-screen TV in Walmart.  And I'm not talking about being separated from them as you rush in to get ahead of everyone else for stuff that you will probably not use in a few years.

I'm talking about losing them.

This is one thing I'm uniquely and purposefully focusing on this time around in our adoption process. I don't want to lose my kids.  Our family is currently made up of two biological boys, an adopted princess, and a foster son.  I don't want any of them to miss out on the process.

I'm trying to talk to them about it.  I'm trying to encourage them toward thinking about it.  Especially the soon-to-be big sister.  I want this to be formative for them too.

I'm not sure they'll get the opportunity to travel to China with us.  I kind of hope they can, but the timing has to be there (along with the extra money to make it happen - frankly I'm more worried about the timing with school and other medical needs of our current roster).  With Maggie's health situation, I'm not sure there will be a huge chunk of time to sit around and celebrate when we get back.

But I don't want them to miss it.  And I don't want to lose them along the way.

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