Wednesday, November 6, 2013

A GREAT story regarding Orphan Sunday

A little later today (after having missed yesterday), so forgive me, Dear Reader, for having that kind of week.

I have a great story to tell.

I preached about adoption on Sunday with my wife.  This is a direct link to the audio:  Sermon Link.  Toward the end of the sermon, we did some Q&A with ourselves, trying to get to some of the misconceptions and deceptions that sometimes occur when thinking about adoption and foster care.

We moved into Communion from there.  On each of the Communion tables were a brochure with some facts about adoption and orphan care.

On Monday, our normal money-counting guy came in with a small box with what, I found out, was $42.95 in change and $1 bills.

Turns out, two little girls who were there and heard about God's heart for the orphans acted.  With Grandma's permission, they walked their block and asked people to donate "...because Jesus wants to help the orphans like we talked about at church."

They acted.  Because Jesus cares about orphans.

I love it.

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