Thursday, October 31, 2013

Why we do a Fall Festival

I have gotten some questions and even some grief over why we do a Fall Festival as a church.  This isn't so much an apology for it as a rationale.  I'll try to answer a couple of objections along the way too.

1.  I'm all for reclaiming holidays as Holy Days.  Christmas.  Easter.  Halloween (aka All Hallow's Eve, or the day before All Saints Day).  I don't buy that the Devil owns a holiday(s) any more than I buy the fact that "rhythm-driven rap is out of the voodoo tribes of Africa and is straight from the pit of hell" (something I was told recently at an event hosted by our church - but hey, the guy liked our hotdogs).  I don't particularly love the way the costumes have gone and think it's both degrading and fright-inducing, but that doesn't mean we can't work to reclaim All Hallow's Eve.

2.  This huge event for our church is a great opportunity to get people involved and help them have a sense of ownership in the ministry of our church.  And it involves a broad swath of our church - older folks, younger folks, etc.

3.  This huge event is a great opportunity for neighbors and the neighborhoods that surround us to know that we care about their well-being.  It's a goodwill event at the very least.

4.  We work hard and will continue to work hard to make it more than a goodwill event.  We have people posted and assigned to walk around and invite people to church or, even better, share the Gospel with them.

5.  I think it boosts our ministry momentum as we move into the holiday season.  We have a sense of "win" after we're done.

6.  Our people enjoy inviting their neighbors and friends to a safer place than their streets.  Hopefully that turns into ministry too.

7.  It gives me, as the pastor, more conversations with folks outside our church in a condensed time than I probably get throughout the rest of the year.  And I love that.

So if you're around tonight, come on out.  6-8pm at our place - www . heritage park . org

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