Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Daniel - keeping his distance, making a difference

My Bible reading plan has me reading through Daniel right now.  I'm familiar enough with the stories but a particular theme has come up this time through that I mentioned in my sermon this past Sunday.

Daniel kept his distance but made a difference.

Two examples of the former will suffice.  He and his compatriots didn't eat the king's food because it was defiling (chapter 1).  He also didn't want the reward the king was offering for being an interpreter of dreams (5.17).  Both show that getting too cozy with the government is unwise.  They also provide a good example of keeping your distance in an appropriate way:  who is your provider?

But he stayed engaged in the government and made a difference in the world.  He gave good advice.  He answered when called upon.  He faithfully served God and those in authority over him.  He spoke the Truth to power.  He was excellent in his skills.  On and on we could go.  He made a difference.

How about you?  Where might you apply this?

Keep your distance (God is your provider).  And make a difference through your diligence and excellence.

But that's just me thinking thoughts...

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  1. I appreciate that God is provider, however, with Obamacare looming, our daughter and son-in-law are forced to accept the government "dole"….perfectly able to make their current insurance payments, but BCBS will drop their plan in January. The "new plan" under ACA costs triple the amount which they can't afford. No problem…the government will subsidize their costs and their portion drops to $30/month! Good news or bad? Depends on if you think God is providing lower-cost insurance for them (as they add a 3rd child) or if you think they have succumbed to government pressure to sign up for ACA.