Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Marriage and Life with Jesus

Want a way to think about how our relationship with God is mirrored in our relationship with our spouses?  Well, if you do, read on…

You remember the thrill of meeting one another?  Boy.  Girl.  Infatuation.  Up at night thinking about one another.  Being willing to go anywhere or do anything at any time.  Sounds like Abraham.  The thrill of meeting God.  Up at night (Genesis 15).  Going anywhere and everywhere. 

How about the sting of disappointment or betrayal?  You can’t believe it.  You are so hurt.  Tears.  Pain.  Nausea.  Sounds like the people of Israel.  Golden Calves.  Baal worship.  Asherah poles.  Children sacrifice to Molech.  Is it any wonder God talks about spiritual adultery?  Any wonder He describes His people as whoring after other gods? (see Jeremiah)

The devastating silence is there too.  You can’t talk and don’t want to.  The presence is there but the communication is not.  Maybe it lasts 400 years (or what seems like it) and is broken by a guy in camel hair who eats locusts.

And then there’s the relief and joy of reuniting.  Happy tears.  Pulse pounding.  Deep sighs and more than one I-can’t-believe-it.  Maybe your heart gets turned over within you (Hosea 11.8).  Maybe you rejoice and celebrate like it’s a honeymoon (Isa. 62.5).  Maybe there’s palm branches and celebration as the reunion occurs.

Yep.  Our life with God is a lot like our life in marriage.  

But that's just me thinking thoughts...

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