Sunday, January 13, 2013

Sermon Notes from Sunday, 1.13.12

Here are the sermon notes from Sunday, 1.13.12, the second in the series I'm preaching on Elijah.  You can get these notes in PDF and the sermon audio at  You can also get the sermon audio via our podcast on iTunes.

Part 2 – When a Prophet Gets the Blues
1 Kings 19.1-8

Elijah’s Struggle
  • He was exhausted physically (18.42, 46)
  • He was exhausted emotionally (19.2) 
  • He was under spiritual attack 
  • He was exhausted spiritually
  • When such a powerful event happens, there’s often an accompanying and equally as powerful energy shift

Elijah’s Condition
  • He is relationally depleted (v.3)
  • He is emotionally depleted (v.4) 
  • He is spiritually depleted (v.4) 
  • He is physically depleted (v.5)

Elijah’s Hope
When you’re in this place, how do you respond?
  • Know you’re not alone.
  • Know you’re not abnormal.
  • Look to God for help

o   God gives His Presence
o   God gives Provision
o   God gives Purpose – a reason to live

What do you need most?
  •  Do you need a long nap?
  •  Do you need a good meal? 
  • Do you need a reason to get up?

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