Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Dateline Craziness and Adoption as Pro-Life

I love the fact that we have adopted our daughter.  Last week, she turned 6 which is crazy.  She chose to go on a trip rather than have a traditional party, which is an option we give all our kids (and it actually works out in our financial favor!).

We came home to a strange story on Dateline.  It was about a fertility clinic that switched embryos of a couple.  The couple who got pregnant had the other couple's baby and carried it to term.  Crazy story.  As you can imagine, it was devastating to the couple who carried and then gave up the baby.

I immediately thought of my Peanut's mom.  What a sacrifice.

The couple who bore and gave up the child wanted so desperately to have a fourth child.  And everything in me did everything I could not to scream at the TV:  "Then go adopt a kid!"  "There are children who need your love!"  "Going with a high-risk pregnancy and high-cost IVF is not the only option!"

Disclaimer:  I have nothing against people who have kids later in life, use their resources to pursue IVF, and who want a biological child.  Nothing at all.  For any who think my e-screams above betray my true feelings, I hope you'll give me the benefit of the doubt.

What I am is a huge fan of adoption.

And so I encourage you to (a) consider it for yourself if your quiver isn't full and (b) encourage others to consider it if their quiver isn't full, no matter their biological capability.

It is the greatest expression of being pro-life.

But that's just me thinking thoughts...

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