Thursday, January 31, 2013

Faith Stories are Inspirations

People of faith really inspire me.

I had someone in my office last night who is walking through a tough season in his job.  He faces it with faith.

A dear lady who is walking graciously through cancer and it seems to be winning rather than her.  But a deep-rooted, evident faith.

A person burned by the church (not ours, thankfully!) who knows that the Bride isn't perfect yet and so isn't letting bitterness take root, festering into something toxic.  That's serious faith.

A guy who I enjoy very much who has seen God move and provide, is looking for more of the same as a new job venture unfolds, and is doing it without worry.  Confident faith.

The family from our church who took a month to minister on the mission field because they thought they should and there was a need.  Global faith.

And those are just five.  I have many more stories.

And they all inspire me to want to be a better man, a man of faith.  That's why faith-stories are important in churches, small groups, neighborhoods, etc.

But that's just me thinking thoughts...

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