Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Frustrating Prayers

Here's a little window into my prayer life these days.

I have been praying some prayers for some situations and God hasn't moved yet.  So, in my most honest moments, I might-just-might be getting a little frustrated.  So I thought I might-just-might say them out loud.  I intend no disrespect toward the Majestic One.  In fact, I kind of hope saying them out loud might give me more faith to persevere in prayer and Him more of a reason to answer more quickly (I'm reasonably confident about the first one, not so much the second one).

So here they are:

I have been asking for the salvation of a few people for a while.  Some for months.  Some for years.  But not yet.

I have been asking for the salvation of many around our church (again, months and years).  But not yet.

I have been asking for relief (at the very least) or complete healing for my kids.  But not yet.

I have been asking for cancer to be destroyed in people that I love.  But not yet.

I have some of the same sins that I've seemingly always had, struggling with the same junk.  Transformation seems winterized-molasses kind of slow.  Growth.  But not yet.

I have godly, honest business men that I'm praying for a blessing to fall, even a windfall kind of blessing.  But not yet.

So many prayers.  So little perceived progress.

It's the "not yet" that gives me hope and makes me want to persevere in prayer.

But that's just me spilling my guts...

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