Sunday, January 27, 2013

Sermon Notes from 1.20 and 1.27.13

I started this sermon as a single but it ended as a double, so here are the notes for both 1.20 and 1.27.13.  You can get these notes in PDF and the sermon audio at  You can also find the sermon audio on our podcast via iTunes.

Part 3 – When a Prophet Plays Hide and Seek 
1 Kings 19.9-18

How do you hear God?

Have a relationship with Him
  • He has made a way to be right with Him through Jesus, His Son.
  • He invites us into His family, becoming our Father.

    Put yourself in a position to hear
  • Elijah came honestly and humbly.
  • Pastorally, do your best to minimize distractions.
  • Two idols you will fight: location and experience.

    Expect that He will speak

    How will He speak?
  • It is not always in the miraculous.
  • The thin silence is often where He speaks.
    o This is something like a thought, though you know it is not your own.
    o Enemy uses darts, coming from a long way away, fiery weapons.
    o This is much more like a conversation – an honest talk between friends.
  • Pastorally, if you have a recurring thought that you wouldn’t call your own, it might be from God.

    What will He sound like?
  • Quality: a sense of authority
  • Spirit: a sense of power with goodwill
  • Content: a clear tie to the Bible
  • Pastorally, this does NOT mean He will say what you don’t want Him to say.

    What will He say?
  • He might ask a question – often to confront or convict.
  • He might say something beyond you
  • He might say something uncomfortable
  • He might say something comforting

    Ready yourself to obey
  • Faith is required in the following
  • Obedience is not optional 

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