Monday, January 7, 2013

Really Great. No. REALLY Great.

It was an incredible gathering with the church yesterday morning, particularly when the gathered saints honked off on How Great Thou Art, the hymn of Stuart K. Hine.  And I do mean honked it off - filling up lungs and vocally getting it done.

What I love about that moment, in particular, was the people who were singing it.  Because I know some of their stories, I know how difficult it is to sing How Great Thou Art for some who are struggling with sickness in their body.  I know how hard it is for a few to sing it when they're wondering about their job situations that might change for the worse this week.  I know some have a hard time singing it when their kids are struggling, when their marriages are hurting, when they are saying goodbye this week to those they love.

I point that out to challenge you (and me!) to not let the circumstances we face this week change our perspective on God's character.  He is who He is, no matter what happens this week.

He really is that great.

But that's just me thinking thoughts...

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