Tuesday, November 13, 2012

A shiny penny and a dull quarter

I had the privilege of seeing this with my own eyes, hearing it with my own ears, and wondering how many times in my own life this is true of me.

The Ninja finds a very shiny penny and a very dull quarter in the couch or under something.  He graciously decides to give one to his sister, who is the only other person in the house.  He comes up to me and asks me what I think.

Me:  Ninja, it's really awesome that you want to give away something you found to Peanut.  That's very generous of you and I think you're awesome for wanting to do it.  (I'm sure I said awesome a few more times)

Ninja:  But dad, one is really shiny and I really want to keep it.  But I know the other is a quarter and it's bigger.

Me:  Yes, and it's also more valuable.  It takes 25 of the shiny ones to make up the one quarter, remember?

Ninja:  Yes, but the penny is shiny.  And it has 2009 on it.  And it's shiny.

Me:  But it takes 25 of those... (voice trails off for dramatic effect)

I honestly have no idea what happened in the end.  He could've kept them both for all I know (great parenting moment, I know).  I lost track because the Spirit of God welled up inside of me and started querying me...

Holy Spirit:  Hey, you like shiny things.

Me:  Yep.  And if they have an Apple logo or can hit a small white ball into a small hole cut in the grass, even better.

HS:  But it takes 25 of those... (voice trails off for dramatic effect)

Me:  ________________________________.

I'm sure the conversation with you would've gone differently.  But that's how it went with me.

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