Sunday, November 11, 2012

Sermon from Sunday, 11.11.12

Here are the sermon notes from Sunday, 11.11.12, the next to last sermon in the series on the Holy Spirit.  You can find the sermon audio and these notes in PDF at  The audio is also available via our podcast on iTunes.

The Holy Spirit
4 - Experience and Expression
Ephesians 5.18-6.9

Experience v. Expression

  • The experience is validated by the expression.
  • Grieving the HS is what happens when your identity is not reflected in your activity.

3 Expressions of Spirit’s Filling

Worship (v.19)

  • Horizontal Nature – genuine care for God’s gathered people
  • Vertical Nature – genuine passion for God
  • 3 of 5 participles are here – if we get this, a lot falls into place (big God = smaller problems, smaller problems = more grace/love for people)
  • We give thanks always because God is in control
  • We give thanks for everything because we know God will use it
  • This expression is built on others.
  • Marriage - turning toward one another in sacrifice and submission
  • Parenting - purposeful in your authority and responsive in your obedience from heart
  • Work - productivity goes up, pride goes down 

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