Thursday, November 15, 2012

Have a Beer with Jesus

I like the song.  I really do.  Good for Thomas Rhett and good for country music.  One more reason I find my radio on it and not what passes for Christian music these days.

But Rhett's asking questions that have answers.  It's subtle, almost backwards, reminder that the more we know His Word the less we have to wonder.  Jesus has already answered the questions in His Word...

He didn't "turn the other cheek," but bore in His body our sin and took the justified punishment in justifying us.  His forgiveness wasn't dismissal, but payment through His own blood.

He hears us when we pray because we have confident access to the Father in one Spirit through Him.

We go to be with Him forever, because absence from the body is presence with the Lord (for believers).

He's coming back when the Father tells Him it's time.

He's been there from the beginning because He's God.

He changed a sinner's heart by the power of His Spirit who regenerates us, giving us new allegiance and affection.

Heaven is exactly where He said it is - with His Father.

The "other side" holds incredible and amazing bliss for all who have trusted Him, including our loved ones.  Undeniable and unending punishment for those who don't.

And finally, the living proof of our relationship is not the answers we provide to the questions we are asked but the value we consistently place on Him in our allegiance and affection.

But that's just me thinking thoughts...

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