Monday, November 19, 2012

Thankful (1 of 3)

This week, I wanted to take three days to express my gratitude to God for some blessings in my life.

I'll start this off with my #1 blessing:  my wife.

Proverbs says that he who finds a wife finds a good thing and obtains a blessing from the Lord.  The Queen is the clearest earthly sign of God's favor on my life.

Her life, more than anyone else, challenges me to become the man God desires me to be.  What's more, I want to be a better man because of her.  It's a strange magnetism, but I'm drawn closer to God and closer to Ideal because I married her.

She also finds time to keep our family running, bring God's healing to people through her excellence in physical therapy, and bless families through her photography busi-ministry-ness.

She's a caring friend and a strong companion.  She has a divine sense of right and wrong, justice and inequity.  And I've said this for years, but I know no other person who is so committed to doing the right thing (even if it takes a little while to discern what it is or bring her emotions around to it).

It's not that we don't have our spats, disagreements, tiffs, struggles, miscues, parental overloads, schedule conflicts, or at times out-and-out fights.  But at no point in my married life have I ever wanted to be fussing or reconciling with anyone else.

I am blessed.

Me, the Queen, and her dad at our engagement party (1997)

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